work with us

To apply for this position, you will need to provide three things. The initial application form containing your details, your CV or other document outlining your experience and motivation, and an object, any object, that you have made from hardwood. This third item does not need to be a guitar or guitar component, but it does need to have been made by you, with hand tools or instruments, and you will need to be able to discuss the methodology and rationale for producing it, and the problems and solutions you encountered in the process. You can download the form templates at the bottom of this page.

Finally, please print both these documents on plain white A4 paper (not via email, etc.) and post them both to PO BOX ADDRESS HERE. Please use the registered post service for this to ensure safe delivery.


Spending time in a guitar workshop, many hours a day, sometimes six or seven days a week, isn't a job.

The instruments we produce will be held by a musician for thousands of hours as the music starts to come to life, and it is our task to ensure that nothing stands in the way of the vision that the artist hears in her head.

Are you ready to learn? Get in touch via the contact page or give Matt a call on 07766 382563.